Echo Massager Combo

Echo Massager Combo

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All-in-one Echo Massager Combo - Get rid of stiff neck, sore back, muscle strain and joint pain.

Push-Button Pain Relief 
8 Massage Styles to Choose From 
Control Massage Intensity Easily 
Enjoy at Home or On the Go (It's probably smaller than your cell phone!) 
2 Year Warranty

Try it now and get an amazing therapeutic massage experience anytime, anywhere.

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  1. love it!

    By Rachel February 24, 2015

    I love it, my doctor loves it, my PT guy loves it (well the effectiveness of it, but not the threat to his business). I use all the different accessories even though my husband bought it for me to treat an old cervical spinal injury. The foot massager makes me very happy! I've actually been able to reduce the number of visits to my physical therapist which in my mind helps to justify the cost.

    A minor note: I wish my cell phone held a charge the way this thing does. It goes on and on forever.

    The only down side for me is the inability to apply it and be able to leave it on and massaging all night as I sleep. It has a 60min max limit on the timer. Otherwise I would sleep with it on all night, at times during the day too. (Echo, maybe a feature you could add to the next version, which I would definitely buy)
    Also, a could be down side would be not following instructions and caring for the electrodes properly and having them lose their stickiness sooner rather than later. (Operator error, not product defect, simply follow the instructions!)

    At the point my husband found my Echo I had managed to give myself a life threatening bleeding ulcer from to many over the counter meds. It has really been a God send. My insurance company even let me count it towards my deductible!

    So to conclude, if your experiencing pain enough to consider this unit BUY IT! The only thing you'll regret is not finding it sooner, and that you can't apply it and leave it on non~stop!

1 Item(s)

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